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How We Work

2nd Half Plan is about being ready for the second half of your life. Your childhood is a dress rehearsal, a training camp; you are learning how to be an adult. The first half starts in your late teens/early 20’s; you now have responsibilities. You are creating a family, developing a career, having a good time. When your second half starts, hopefully having a good time is all you have to worry about.

Financial Plan

A journey without a map can feel unfocused, cause unnecessary backtracking, and ultimately go astray. A well-constructed, thoughtful financial plan is that map. We will work with you to clarify where you are going, how to get there, and what you’d like to do along the way.

Monthly Retainer Planning AFMG

Monthly Retainer

Many travelers have a guide they consult as questions arise. Through regular, pro-active communication and on-call availability, AFMG guides you on your journey with less stress and increased confidence.

one-time-session Financial Planning Services

One-Time Session

As you may have learned, if you have a couple question, asking the locals can be a great source of information. If you have a question or two about your finances, sitting down with us could be just as useful.

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Investment Management

“Leave the driving to us!” Just like in the old Greyhound bus company tagline, we not only recommend investment strategies, we also provide implementation, management, monitoring, performance reporting, and adjustments and rebalancing as needed.

Financial plan

Developing a financial plan is the process of getting really clear on where you are going, what you need to do to get there, and how you implement it all. While you may need to make some tough choices to achieve your goals, it will help you to understand what is needed. It includes four or five 1.5 hour face-to-face meetings. We collaborate on possible future paths. You emerge understanding how specific actions can affect your future so you can make informed decisions. We examine your personal patterns and money history so we can anticipate what might get in your way, and come up with strategies to deal with potential roadblocks.

Cost for a Financial Plan is:

$2900 for an individual
$3400 for a couple.

Optional budgeting/cash-flow segment $500.

Monthly Retainer

You may know where you want to end up but want to work with someone to help you stay on track. We offer this level of engagement so you have access to continuous and timely advice as well as the ability to ask questions as your plan bumps up against real life. It’s like having a financial planner as your friendly next-door neighbor, available whenever you have a question or concern.

Cost for a Monthly Retainer is:

ServicePackage A
Package B
Package C
Education on Financial Topics
Goals Identification and Tracking
Cash Flow Analysis and Coaching
Debt Inventory and Management
Net Worth Tracking
Savings Suffiency
Future Projections and Risk Review
Investment Inventory and Recommendations
Asset Location Recommendation-account type and titling
Review of Employer Retirement Plan Options & Recommendations
IRA Strategies including beneficiary review, Roth conversion analysis, & RMD's
Employee Benefits Review & Recommendations
Insurance Inventory & Analysis
Strategic Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Philanthropy Planning
Human Capital Maximation
Financial Organization Streamlining and Efficiency
Life Planning & Coaching
Meet with Attorney, CPA or other Professionals11unlimited
Meetings Per Year2-34-5unlimited
Emails/Phone Contactsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited

One-time Session

The one-time session is designed as a cost-effective way to give you direction on the one or two issues that are most pressing. In a ninety-minute face-to-face session, we ask the key questions, listen deeply, and review any documents you have to share. Together we’ll come up with specific, actionable recommendations. You’ll likely have homework, but also clarity on next steps.

There is never an obligation or pressure to buy or do anything else with us, though we hope you’ll keep in touch!

Two options:

$400 for 90 minutes one-on-one

with an experienced financial advisor focused solely on YOU, your questions, your worries.

$700 for two one-on-one meetings

plus research and analysis by our team in-between.

Investment Management

You have some money you need to invest. Maybe it’s with a financial adviser you don’t quite connect with or someone who doesn’t “get” you. Maybe you want to consolidate everything to one place. Maybe you need to move a retirement plan, and your investments now have a new job to do.

Whatever the case, you need objective advice customized to your situation without fear of being sold the “latest and greatest can’t miss opportunity”.

Asset Management starts at:

1% per year and moves down as total amount invested with us increases.

Let's Talk

The true value of planning emerges in the discussion and collaboration of our knowledge applied to your unique circumstances. We bring our areas of expertise to your areas of curiosity, ambition and worry.

Let’s get this conversation started.